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Super Groover Dahli Lama

Recent Entries

7/7/07 11:51 pm - Funny. I don't look Druish.

Your Score: Druid

29% Combativeness, 73% Sneakiness, 76% Intellect, 58% Spirituality

Sneaky, cunning, and spiritual: You are a Druid!
Druids work with nature to cast their spells and favor balance over extremes. They're shapeshifters, capable of taking the forms of natural creatures. While they don't always deal well with people, they do have animal companions to come to their aid.
You are probably intelligent, spiritual, and more than a little deceptive. Fortunately, your lack of violent tendencies means you are also likely to be level-headed.

They forgot to mention my mad espionage skills and killer fashion sense. ;)

7/9/06 07:54 pm - Hey all, welcome to my journal!

So Nini was nice enough to send me a howler this morning telling me my blog was overdue. I prefer to think of it as fashionably late. ;)

Pretty slow around the IS Building these days. Ali still hasn't shown up to get her bday present and Schala's annoyed to no end about it. Nothing new there.

Got another conspiracy club meeting tonight. We've hit a bit of a wall and we're thinking of taking a more proactive approach. So if anyone's interested in some reconnaissance work, let me or Karina or Donnie know.

And that's it for now. Later!
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